About Nicholas Tesluk

          Having been involved in some art form for his entire life, including music, drawing and performance arts, Nicholas began painting in oils in the late 1970s, but discovered the medium of pastel not long after.  The vibrancy and immediacy of the medium was much more to his liking, and he has worked in pastels ever since.
          For a period of time in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he took a hiatus from fine art to work in the graphic arts medium, creating artwork for his musical endeavors and to also create some commissioned works.  Though he enjoyed (and still enjoys) working in graphic art he has found fine art more fulfilling, and the ability to express his visions, be they fantastic or realistic, in the fine art segment of the art world has been reawakened in him.
        Following two successful years as President of the Pastel Society of New Mexico and five years of Chairing the National Show, Nicholas's only volunteer duties with the Society, now, are communications, Signature Chair and filming and editing the monthly meeting demonstrations.  This comes at a good time as he has two musical projects he's presently working on and a third one in the works. A new LP by the duo Changes, which he co-founded in 1969 with his cousin R. N. Taylor has just been released, entitled Psychonautika.  It is a lavish LP with ChromaDepth 3D glasses included to enhance the images of the cover, 16-page liner booklet and picture disc.  Included also is a download code to download the music digitally.  He also works periodically as an extra in TV and movie projects filmed in New Mexico.  Never one to laze the time away, he is always glad to have busy but enjoyable work to do.
         He has been honored to attend workshops given by acclaimed artists, Doug Dawson, Vasili Katakis, Casey Klahn, Kim Lordier, Elizabeth Mowry, Desmond O’Hagan and Liz Haywood-Sullivan.  His works are included in several private collections in America.

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